What Are The Differences Between Granite Vs. Marble

What Are The Differences Between Granite Vs. Marble?

What are the differences between granite vs. marble? They are both beautiful and highly sought-after materials. But each material has specific attributes.

The most significant difference between granite vs. marble is porosity. Granite has higher porosity which makes it more resistant to abrasion. The crystalline structure makes it impenetrable against stain and discoloration. Meanwhile, marble is softer because it is more porous than granite. 

Choosing between granite vs. marble depends on its installation location, purpose, and maintenance. So, which of these two materials should you use? Let us determine what are the differences between granite vs. marble.

What Do You Need To Know About Natural Stones?

Before we dig into the differences between granite vs. marble, know this fact first. Natural stones have two general categories. The first one is the Siliceous stone. Most of its composition includes silica or quartz-like particles. The stones under this category are very durable and easy to clean, like granite, slate, and sandstone.

The second category is the Calcareous stone. Its primary composition is calcium carbonate, making the stones under this category sensitive to acids. It can have reactions to cleaning products and citrus foods like vinegar, wine, and tomato. Some Calcareous stones are marble, travertine, limestone, and onyx. If you prefer these stones, note that they require different cleaning procedures.

Granite Vs. Marble – Appearance

When you look at granite and marble from afar, you’ll see a slightly similar appearance. But as you examine it closest, you can spot its specific differences. Granite and marble exhibit natural color variations that differ from one another. The variations in the color of granite show up as specks in the stone. Meanwhile, marble color variations look like colorful veins running through the stone.

Granite Vs. Marble – Strength and Durability

The natural processes of generating granite and marble affect their overall strength. Both materials can last and look good for many years at home. But it is essential to choose the right one according to your purpose. More importantly, handle and install the material correctly.

Granite offers an impressive hardness of 6 to 7 on the Mohs scale. It is, in fact, the hardest kind of stone – both in the Siliceous and Calcareous categories. You can use it for indoor and outdoor kitchens because it will not scuff or discolor due to daily household use.

On the other hand, marble offers a hardness of 3 to 5 on the Mohs scale. It doesn’t have the same level of durability as granite. It has a higher chance of getting damaged by daily and heavy kitchen chores like chopping. It is still widely used for kitchen countertops and kitchen islands. 

Granite Vs. Marble – Formation

Since granite is an igneous rock, it was once melted and cooled deep within the earth before formation. It features minerals that our bare eyes can see as microscopic flecks throughout the stone. 

Marble was formerly limestone that transforms into a stone through extreme heat and pressure. This process introduced new minerals and vein-like lines that you can see in marble.

Granite Vs. Marble – Properties

Granite and marble are both heavy, hard, and come in different colors. You can choose from different patterns that are heat and scorch proof. The most significant difference with properties is the representation of each stone. 

Granite has a crystalline structure, while marble has those veins throughout the slab. Unlike artificial materials, both stones originated from complex reactions in the earth, taking millions of years to complete. Thus, it can achieve a very distinct look.

Granite Vs. Marble – Stain Resistance

Marble’s metamorphic properties result in a porous substance. The porosity of marble causes some elements to absorb when they come into touch with it. Unfortunately, some foods or liquids can penetrate marble and leave a permanent mark. It includes tomato sauce, wine, juice, lemons, and vinegar.

On the other hand, granite has a tremendous density, making it resistant to all stains from meals and beverages. It can withstand even acidic substances, such as vinegar. During installation, the sealant barrier applied to the surface will not penetrate the material.

Granite Vs. Marble – Sealants

Speaking of sealants, it is essential in installing both materials to prevent damage in the future. Granite countertops require less frequent sealer application than marble counters. It is because of the material’s natural stain resistance. Depending on the type of sealer used, you should apply a fresh layer of sealant once a year or once every three years for the best effects.

On the other hand, regular resealing of marble is essential at least twice a year. It may require more if water is seeping into the marble rather than accumulating on the surface. The best way to check it is by placing a tiny puddle of water on the surface of granite or marble. It helps you see if the sealer needs replacement. 

The present sealant is functional as long as the water beads. If the water penetrates the stone, reapply the new sealant. If you are not sure how to do it right, contact an expert fabricator to know the status of the material.

Granite Vs. Marble – Safe Cleaning

Safe cleaning is vital for both granite and marble. While you can clean granite with ordinary soapy water, you can’t do the same with marble. It requires special cleaning techniques if you want to take care of its appearance.

Expert fabricators would suggest you clean marble with a cleaning agent with a neutral pH. Marble will get dulled if you use an abrasive cleaner. Still, it’s best to ask your contractor about the best way to take care of their marble.

Granite Vs. Marble – Applications

Granite is suitable for kitchen worktops and floors due to its durability. In contrast, marble is better suited to areas with less usage. It includes bathrooms, vanities, tub decks, shower walls, and flooring. 

Marble has a light and distinct appearance, making it ideal for less-used surfaces. It is suitable for persons ready to put in the maintenance effort and don’t mind if their surfaces develop character through time. 

Granite Vs. Marble – Installation

The installation of both granite and marble materials is almost the same. It starts with a template translated to a slab, which is then cut to fit and completed. Then, the contractor will set the slab in place using a silicone adhesive. One thing is for sure, only a professional and experienced person can finish these tasks flawlessly.

Granite Vs. Marble – Cost

With all the comparisons between granite vs. marble, how much does each material cost? The cost of granite and marble countertops, including installation, ranges from $40 to $150 per square foot. The price varies depending on the hue and overall attractiveness. High-end marble, on the other hand, is typically more expensive than comparable high-end granite.

When determining which type to utilize, this is one of the questions that individuals consider. The price might sometimes be the deciding factor. Building a home is a significant investment that requires a lot of thought.


At the end of the day, what counts most is how much value you place on your countertop. It should never be about anyone else but you and your home. Select the countertop surface that best appeals to you and stick with it.

You can never go wrong with marble if you want its delicate finish or the strong yet polished exterior of granite. Both materials will give you an unrivaled beauty of natural stone while also providing something distinctive.

Take your time deciding on the type of surface you desire. Never make a hasty decision. It’s your hard-earned money. However, suppose you ever require professional assistance. In that case, you can always rely on Quintals Granite & Marble Inc. in the process of selection to provide you with expert guidance.

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