Are Granite Countertops San Jose Going Out Of Style?

granite countertops san jose

Granite countertops are some of the most common countertops in the market. But with various colors, patterns, and shape options to choose from – most buyers wonder – are granite countertops going out of style?

Granite countertops will not go out of style! You need to understand that granite is a 100% natural raw material with unique features. Other materials like stones and woods do not become dated because of the same reason.

Granite’s days as the king of countertops seem to end because of the rise of other materials. But is this material still worth it? 

Why Granite Countertops In San Jose Will Never Go Out Of Style?

“My granite countertop looks beautiful now, but will it remain its beauty and class 20 years from now? Will my granite countertops appear dated and ancient?”

Most homeowners, both current and soon-to-be, have this question racing through their minds. However, it is essential to know that it is a fair question and that there is no need to worry about sounding crazy when asking your realtor or architect. Renovating and updating your kitchen is a considerable investment, so we get why you want your countertop to last long – both in terms of staying in style and durability.

However, you don’t need to worry because granite countertops in San Jose will never go out of style! As stated above, granite countertops are made of 100% natural granite material. Just like wood, stone, and plants, granite does not go out of style. 

What Makes Granite Countertops Special?

Each specific slab of granite has a unique color and pattern from the other, and their physical traits were brought together without the intervention of humans. So granite has already been beautiful in its unique way even before design trends became a huge deal in the market.

Without a doubt, specific patterns and colors will become more trendy during certain times, but granite itself would not be out of style. It is in a similar wavelength as wood – it will never go out of fashion as a material used in building durable and beautiful homes.

Furthermore, another similar concept is oak cabinets. This type of cabinet was prevalent in the ’90s, but it is no longer in style in 2021. However, it does not mean that a stunning solid oak cabinet is already dated. 

Did you know that cabinets are more often viewed as “dated” because of their designs and not their material? It is all about presentation and how you and your architect will incorporate traditional material into your new home and make it trendy and unique in its way.

By incorporating timeless and classy designs into your granite countertops in San Jose, you will be assured that it would not go out of style even after a few decades pass by.

Are you still unsure? Here are three tips to keep your granite countertops San Jose in style even after a few years down the road!

Unique Granite Pattern 

There are several popular colors, such as Giallo Ornamental Granite, Una Tuba Granite, and Indian Coffee Brown. These designs are found in large batches, but other granite is only limited in availability. 

As time passes by, most of the available granite patterns in the market today will be quarried. As you know, granite slabs are unrepeatable in any kitchen, which makes your granite countertops all the more special. 

In a way, your granite countertop is a limited edition art piece that would never go out of style – it is more than just choosing a color or pattern!

You Can Always Redesign Your Granite Countertops

As you shop for granite, you might imagine how you could change the entire design of your kitchen by redesigning around your stone. It goes with your style and taste in home decor. The primary things to consider would be the following:

  • What colors of paint would go well with the design of your granite countertops?
  • Can you change it into another color in ten years and still look classy and trendy?
  • Will it look beautiful and in sync with the rest of your house’s design?

Create A Design That’s Beautiful For You

You should avoid following current fashion and popular designs because those will be dated in a few months – and you would not want that.

By investing in granite countertops, you could easily decorate them according to your liking and not on the current trend. 

With this method, you can create a timeless kitchen center table that would not look dated in a few decades. In addition, the best way to make your kitchen stay beautiful and up-to-date is by focusing on choosing granite countertops in San Jose that you love.

Are Granite Countertops In San Jose Still Worth It?

Until now, you might still be wondering if granite countertops are still worth it. To keep it short, granite countertops are still worthy of your investment.

Granite is a naturally durable stone that is mined from various areas in Brazil and Italy. Once the raw material has already been mined, specialists measure the material into slabs and polish them to make them as smooth and shiny as possible. Furthermore, they are transformed into specific shapes and sizes to match the customers’ needs.

Compared to other materials, granite countertops are apparent upgrades. For example, Laminate or Formica was extremely popular for being a budget-friendly countertop option. However, it felt cheap and had a flimsy appearance which made consumers ditch the material.

On the other hand, ceramic tile countertops need grout, which is hard to clean and maintain. So, despite being better than tile and laminate, it still lacks the shine and “wow factor” that granite countertops offer.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Granite Countertops?

To help you decide whether you should still get granite countertops in San Jose or not, here is a list of its pros and cons.

Pros of Granite Countertops

Pros #1 – Your Granite Countertop Is One Of A Kind.

Granite is a natural stone that provides a unique and earthy appearance to your kitchen. Did you know that no two slabs of granite look the same? Each slab is one of a kind, which means that your countertop will remain unique from other countertops in the world. 

Pros #2 – It Is Highly Durable.

Granite countertops are from natural stone. It is highly durable and robust – two of the essential characteristics that you need for a kitchen countertop. In addition, granite is both scratch-resistant and heat-resistant, and it also offers exceptional protection against staining as long as it is properly sealed.

Pros #3 – Granite Countertops Are More Affordable In The Long Run.

Despite being relatively expensive, granite countertops are more affordable than other countertop materials in the long run. It is because these materials offer efficiency and durability. 

Sometimes, these countertops even last longer than the occupants who lived in a particular home. As a result, they can get a return on investment as soon as they decide to sell the house.

Cons of Granite Countertops

Cons #1 – Granite Countertops Require Maintenance

It is no secret that granite countertops’ natural aspect is an excellent design for an earthy element. However, it also means that homeowners need to stay on top of their game to maintain their beautiful granite furniture. They require annual sealing to remain durable and robust.

Cons #2 – Granite Is A Porous Material

Granite is a highly porous material that could suck up juice, oil, and even wine. As a result, both dirt and bacteria could harbor within the material if not maintained correctly. 

Cons #3 – Possible Cracks And Chips

Despite being one of the most robust countertop materials in the market, granite countertops still tend to crack and chip because each slab still has its flaws and imperfections. 

Are Granite Countertops The Right Choice For You?

After much deliberation, there is still one thing that you need to decide on – should you get a granite countertop?

Well, your choice in the specific countertop material will all depend on your preference, lifestyle, and commitment. If you would like a timeless, efficient, and robust countertop, granite countertops would be perfect for your kitchen. 
Are you planning to invest in a granite countertop? If yes, then we have got your back! We offer some of the best granite countertops In San Jose that you will find in the area!

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