Outdoors services

Invite your friends and family over to enjoy the great outdoors with you. Relax and enjoy the aesthetic, as well as the functionality of your new outdoor project. Quintals Granite & Marble Inc.’s contractors will create a style that ideally fits and complements your outdoor environment. Design the perfect spot for your built-in BBQ grill, microwave, fryers, burners, rotisserie, refrigerator, and icemaker. Give us a call today, and let’s talk about your dream outdoor kitchen.


Wet bars offer a place your home to relax and treat yourself or a guest to a drink on those nice summer days.  Often times wet bars include centrally located sinks to make cleanup a breeze.

Quintals Granite & Marble Inc. has been around for over 15 years, and the people who operate it have decades of expertise in commercial and residential projects. Call us right away at (408) 295-8233 if you need a reputable and trustworthy contractor to help you add a wet bar to your home.


Our barbecue setups will add the WOW factor to your backyard that you’ve been looking for. Quintals Granite & Marble Inc. is a master in building luxurious custom outdoor living spaces. Have a place to relax or to enjoy with friends, we will create a comfortable and livable environment for you to enjoy in your very own backyard.

 Quintals Granite & Marble Inc. will assist you with the fabrication and installation of your outdoor kitchen as well as an outdoor dining area. 

Outdoor Kitchen

Enjoy your time outside by inviting friends over for dinner and demonstrating your grilling skills in your outdoor kitchen. From your patio extension, you can enjoy the wind. Pull up a chair and relax with a Piña colada.

We aspire to provide you with a low-maintenance and yet aesthetically pleasing outdoor environment. Contact us today for any of your questions regarding an outdoor kitchen setup.


A beautiful stone patio is the foundation of your great outdoor escape. It provides the backdrop for landscaping, furniture arrangements and anything you select to incorporate within the outdoor living area. Our team can help you setup that patio you always wanted. Choose from gorgeous materials to be fabricated then installed.

Pool Coping

The capping edge across your swimming pool shell wall are known as pool coping. It protects the pool foundation by separating the concrete casing from the surrounding soil. It is effective in preventing water from slipping behind the concrete shield assuming it is built correctly. The coping even aids in directing water from the pool and into surrounding drains. Last but not least, the coping section of your swimming pool decking serves as a non slippery surface for added safety.