Vanity services

Turn your bathroom into an oasis with custom vanity tops and bathroom countertops. Quintals Granite & Marble Inc. designs, fabricates, and installs naturally engineered stone surfaces in almost every room of your home. In addition, many of our cabinet door designs include bathroom vanity cabinets and many more options are waiting for you.  Contact us today if you find yourself lost with a pool of choices.


The trick to preserving the investment you’ve made in a bathroom remodel or renovation is to recruit a top-notch bathroom remodeling contractor. You’ll need someone to walk you through the process, ensure that all of the work is completed to the best possible level, and help you get the most out of every dollar. Quintals Granite & Marble Inc. can help you with these things.

Choosing flooring material, fixtures, and vanity styles, and making all of the other choices necessary to turn your bathroom into a gorgeous space you want to have the right contractor to do the job. Email us at or call (408) 295-8233 if you need assistance and tell us about your dream bathroom. 


Wall shapes and designs for bathroom walls are very unique. Living rooms, bathrooms, and even kitchens can have just about any wall covering that you might want without the need for too much maintenance. On the other hand, bathroom walls require a little extra care and expertise when installing and maintaining.

If you have some bathroom wall remodeling ideas for your home, give us a call. A bathroom remodeling contractor will assist you in realizing your ideal bathroom.

Shower Walls

The material you use for your shower wall has a significant effect on your bathroom’s look and feel, as well as the mood in conjunction with the rest of your home.  Your shower walls can be made from various materials, and likewise it is best to take the time to weigh your options in terms of appearance, ease of construction, upkeep, and cost before deciding.

You’ll need a professional to walk you through the process, in order to ensure that all of the work is completed to your expectations, helping you make an economic and effective choice. Give us a call today, and we’ll help you in creating the perfect shower wall project.


Vanity tops must be both sturdy and capable of withstanding water, soap, and makeup while still acting as an effective work surface for those morning bathroom rush hours. The vanity top may be both a focal point and a connection point, such as where the wood cabinets cross the tile wall above. The countertop surface you select is mainly determined by your budget and personal preferences.

When you’re thinking about a bathroom remodel plans, it’s a good idea to hire a bathroom remodeling contractor. He or she will explain the tasks involved, the costs associated with your requirements, supplies needed, and how long it may take to finish the job. Quintals Granite & Marble Inc. is available to support you at any time. Feel free to contact us for any of your questions or concerns.


Countertop sinks are a standard part of a vanity unit with cabinetry, with plenty of storage room and elbow space. A pedestal sink has a basin and a tall, slender base with an antique look to it, but there are more contemporary models available. Meanwhile, Wall-Mount sinks are open on the bottom and hang from the wall at a convenient height, which fits nicely in small bathrooms and provides a clean, open look. 

You will find the right sink for any bathroom with many sizes, types, and materials to choose from. It’s challenging to select everything from bathroom flooring fabrics to lighting fixtures to vanity sizes. Quintals Granite & Marble Inc. will help you turn your bathroom into a breathtaking space.


A backsplash is typical in some bathrooms, but it is possible to go without one in some circumstances. If your sink counter does not cross the wall, for example, you would only need a backsplash for cosmetic purposes. Call our expert team if you’re unsure if you need a backsplash or what type to get.

Even a tiny bathroom can be challenging for a do-it-yourselfer when you begin to remove old flooring, tiles, or showers. It can lead to accidental discoveries behind the walls, which an expert builder specializing in bathroom renovations and remodeling would be able to fix as is appropriate. Allow Quintals Granite & Marble Inc. to assist you. Now is the time to call (408) 295-8233 or send an email to