Industrial Freezers

Industrial freezers are crucial pieces of equipment for any business in the food and beverage industry. They come in all various dimensions and functions, such as low temperature and ultra-low temperature freezers. At Freezer Concepts, we have a variety of freezers to choose from, whether it’s horizontal or vertical styles you require.

How commercial freezers differ from household freezers

Commercial freezers ensure that perishable products (particularly ones like meat and dairy) remain at an ideal and consistent temperature that minimizes bacterial growth. Most commercial freezers are ideal for F&B businesses such as restaurants, where consumers rely on the safe and hygienic storage conditions of the food they eat. Considering the amount of life-threatening food-borne microbes that exist in dairy and meat, commercial freezers have to be far more reliable than regular household ones.

This means that most commercial freezers should have an emergency back-up power source in case of a power outage. As commercial freezers store food in much larger quantities, any power disruption can mean that bacterial growth can contaminate vast amounts of products. Because the temperatures and other conditions need to be more consistent than household ones, they would have more sophisticated temperature and humidity controls.

The large amounts of produce stored in industrial freezers also mean that safety is a crucial issue. So, a lot of commercial freezers would have door locks or alarm systems that only enable access to those who should have it. Commercial freezers also come in a variety of styles to match different storage spaces; you can find vertically or horizontally standing freezers, depending on your needs.

How do you choose the best freezer?

Depending on what business you’re running, there are a variety of factors to consider before choosing a freezer. First, determine which temperature range you need for safe storage of your products. Some freezers can go to -40°C, while ultra-low temperature ones can reach -85°C.

Secondly, think about the available storage space and choose a freezer style that complements it most. If you have less room, you could go for a vertically standing freezer. Next, think about the other features you want, such as security systems and how fine you want the temperature or humidity controls.

While it’s great if you can find sophisticated temperature controls, these features come at extra cost. Evaluate your needs carefully and see how you can compromise with the price.

What features do your freezers have?

We have both low-temperature freezers (up to -40°C) and ultra-low temperature freezers (up to -85°C) that come in horizontal or vertical positioning. Our freezers have fine-tuned temperature and humidity controls, as well as security features to prevent alterations.

Our timed evaporation cycle and sequenced compressor starting ensure minimal energy waste. They are also specially designed to minimize noise and vibrations as much as possible.

Are you looking for reliable industrial freezers to keep your perishable products stored as safely as possible? At Freezer Concepts, we have a variety of freezers to choose from based on orientation and functions.

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