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There is no specific definition for what makes a countertop freezer to have its name. The fridge will not sit up with your cabinets. Our freezers have okay functionality when placed on the floor. It requires almost the same size of width as the standard fridge. A countertop fridge will stick out more than the regular will by a couple of inches.

Despite this factor, the countertop freezer saves more space because it is half the size of most fridges. The countertop freezers offer different benefits from the regular one.

When should you consider buying a countertop?

Regular hosting

A countertop from Freezer-concepts will save you from having to make regular visits to the stores when you need instant ice for extra cold. The countertop has a large ice capacity machine, which includes an ice scoop. 

You will get the countertop’s full reliability because it can serve a host with the same professional-grade ice that a mixologist uses. Our countertop will help the medical field by offering the same standards of cold.

Saving space

The regular fridge will take up more space when it’s taller and broader than the countertop. The averagely sized countertop will not cover more than a square foot. The compact design will suit a small lab in small premises.

Easy icing process

A countertop has an inbuilt ice maker that does not require filing and refilling of ice cubes. The ample water storage reduces the frequency of filling in water so that you will always have ice cubes.


A lab countertop will be smaller in size than the chest freezer. This setup gives them the advantage of being cheaper because they occupy less space and cost less in manufacturing.


Frozen-Concepts stocks units that have an added advantage in security. The control and alarm system allows the user to control the setpoint and set the alarm in case of unauthorized entry. The digital display system is more accurate than most freezers in the industry. This accuracy gives the user added advantage in use for estimation of the right scientific materials.

Tips when buying the countertop

  • Check the dimensions of the freezer carefully to make sure that it fits into the lab. Factor in all features from the front and the back.
  • Consider the storage space you will require. A countertop will not give you a lot of freedom when it includes all its shelves. Factor in the dynamics of the freezer’s internal environment in regards to the size.
  • The freezer’s insulation may be too flammable in the event of a fire if it has the make-up of plastic. Aluminum laminate and other metal types will have a better capability of withstanding small fires.
  • Buy a frost-free countertop, so you never have to worry about de-freezing.
  • A fast freezing speed will serve you better during emergencies.
  • The high-temperature warning alarm will let you know when you need to regulate the increasing heat or warmth.
  • Purchase a unit with an open door alarm to alert when you leave the door ajar.



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